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What is a DLC GRoup?

DLC groups are any group that meets outside of our weekend worship experiences that create opportunities for people to connect in a smaller setting.

If you'd like to get connected to a DLC Group, you can find one here.  

What are the types of DLC Groups?

1. Life Groups - A group of people gathering together on a regular basis with the goal of becoming more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Bible Study - Right Now Media or other

  • Remix group - use Sunday message

  • Hobby Groups - groups that meet around certain hobby or activity (i.e. Motorcycle group, etc.)

  • Open/Revolving Group - These are groups that continue throughout the year and are open for people to join at any time.   (i.e. DLC Young Adults, Living Legacy, etc.)

2. Elective Group -  Groups that meet for a specific time and purpose and arranged around a specific topic  (i.e. FPU, Nutrition, etc.)

3. Seminars - Several times a year we host seminars on various topics designed to equip the body (Kingdom, Family, etc.)

4. Discipleship Groups - 101, 201, 301