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Discipleship Track

For those who are interested in ministry training and spiritual growth the following opportunities are made available

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Christianity 101

Six-week interactive sessions

Encounter Retreat

Weekend in the spring and fall

Discipleship 201  

Ten weeks of discipleship classes

Discipleship 301

Eighteen weeks of ministry training



    This 172 page book is a must read for any Christian desiring to know more about the New Testament function of gifts and how they relate to the local church in our modern day. Understand how God’s authority functions and the importance of every member becoming a minister. Apostolic Government in the 21st Century defuses four major arguments against present day apostles and challenges the Church to re-examine any form of government that restricts the full functionality of apostles.



    This six-week interactive daily study guide will help lay a solid foundation and starting place of spiritual growth for all Christians. Those who have been Christians for some time will find this vital to a fresh foundation for their spiritual growth. 



    This ten-week course is designed for individual application. It is a valuable tool to help believers walk in personal victory,  ideal for small groups or the classroom setting. This material builds upon the Christianity 101 by taking the believer through deeper steps of discipleship. 

  • Covenant Eyes

    A great site for accountability with internet surfing. For a small monthly fee this program will email every site visited to an accountability partner of your selection.

  • X3 Watch

    X3watch is a free accountability software program helping with online integrity.

  • x3 pure

    In just 30 days, you could be freed from your addiction to pornography. X3pure is the first online, confidential, streaming-video solution for dealing with sexual addiction created by XXXchurch, the same people who created X3watch. This workshop comes with a year of X3watch PRO and provides you with the absolute fundamentals for understanding compulsive sexual behavior whether it is with masturbation, pornography use, extra-marital/pre-marital sex, strip clubs or prostitutes.


    Engage with the Bible like never before! Join millions of others on YouVersion and the Bible App today! You can also join DestinyLifeChurch.tv's live events on your mobile device.

Apostolic teams international

ATI is a network of churches and ministries built upon relationships with a focus of expanding the Kingdom of God through spiritual fathers and sons.

ATI is committed to serving, equipping and supporting leaders in the local church. 

The vision of ATI is to promote apostolic teams worldwide using a variety of gifts to plant, establish and serve churches. This includes offering a measure of leadership, oversight and accountability to churches and ministries that are spiritually related.